Paul Ryan

Mr. Paul F. Ryan is the Managing Partner and founder of Hayfield. Mr. Ryan has broad financial services and operating company experience.

Mr. Ryan started his career at Barclays Bank/Barclays deZoeteWedd, where he specialized in credit analysis.   Mr. Ryan later worked at Fletcher International, a leading hedge fund specializing in innovative financial structuring and analysis. Mr. Ryan was COO at Vision Capital, where he helped grow a fledgling firm of $30mm AUM to $350mm AUM in less than 11 months.

Mr. Ryan has played a leading role in several start-up companies in real estate and high technology. Mr. Ryan has served as COO of a LightGuide, a tech start up; CFO of Voyager, a media company; Managing Partner of PMG Land Associates, a real estate development firm; and CIO of Convergence Corporation, a quant arb fund.

The son of teachers, Mr. Ryan has taught the SAT in Bed-Stuy and American History to students in East Harlem in his spare time.  Mr. Ryan earned an A.B. in Economics from Harvard University and a J.D. from Fordham University